The Party receives the stone key from the Drow Mage Rizzeryl and decide on their next move 

The party faces off between the wererats and Rizzeryl the Drow

Join the Arcane Dice Podcast as we celebrate 4 years of our show!  Hear some of our favorite moments, find out about Glenn's Magic shows see what may ...View Details

The party comes a step closer in finding the stone key, but may be wondering if its worth it

The party makes short work of Minda as Halleth gets his revenge in the end. The party carries on to look deeper into the dungeon for the wererats   

The party makes their way into Minda's sanctuary The Moe's make themselves known We would like to apologize for the audio at the end of the episode, s...View Details

The Party getting a well earned rest, try to find out more about the wererats from Shunn    

The Party is Given an opportunity to extract themselves from the hallway, but will it be worth it in the end?  

The party is in a bit of a sticky wicket after trying to use a barrel to make it down the hallway  

The party takes a little time to recoup from the assassins attack in the Goblin Bazaar, but did they recoup enough?

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